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Global Drilling Fluids and chemicals Limited:

Global Drilling Fluids and chemicals Limited is the leading manufacturer of Specialty Drilling fluids and Mud Chemicals for Oilfield and Mining applications. We manufacture a Complete range of Viscosifiers .
Gloabl Drilling fluids and Chemicals has 2 Manufacturing facilities for the Manufacture of Different types of Viscosifiers .

Our range of Products Includes :
Cellulose Polymer Based Viscosifiers such as PAC and CMC which are manufactured as per API 13 A Specifications .
Cross linked Polymers such as Xanthum gum and Guar Gum based Polymers and Pregelatinized Starches


Drilling Polymers and Bentonite Extenders.

GLO EXTENDER 1000 Bentonite Extender
GLO TROLL 1000 Troll
GLO CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose
GLO PAC Polyanionic Cellulose
GLO STARCH Drilling Starch
GLO GUM Guar Gum
GLO DRILL POL LQ Drilling Polymer

Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Stands Guarantee of Performance of all Products manufactured at our Manufacturing Facilities

For more Information about our Range of viscosifiers and For Product Data Sheets,MSDS and Case Histories please email us at Sales@globaldrilling.in