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Laboratory testing and Analytical Services
GLOBAL LABS is the Testing and R&D division of Global Drilling Fluids and chemicals Limited. GLOBAL LABS commercialized operations  in 1995 is the leading testing facility for physical, Analytical and performance testing of Drilling Fluids and Chemicals used in the Oil and gas exploration, Drilling and Upstream and downstream testing. Today is functions as a reputed Independent test house for The Oil and Gas Sector.
Covering a area of 8,000 Sq Ft GLOBAL LABS is one of the most modern and Accurate testing Facilities for Drilling Fluids, Chemicals, Metals, Fuels and Other related Products and Raw Materials.
Today we boast of a State of the art laboratory facilities for various
Environmental testing’s, analytical testing’s which include both chemical and
mechanical analysis and On site and off site Inspections .Our Industrial Customers range from Government Bodies, , Chemical Industries Sector, Drilling Service Providers and Mud Service companies and Ofcourse Our customers for our Manufactured Drilling Fluids and Mud chemicals
Working with a qualified team of dedicated personnel ensuring total commitment to customer satisfaction and continual improvement. We work Round the Clock to ensure that you don.t only get accurate test results but also in the quickest possible time. The testing services provided are in accordance to National and International specifications including BIS, ASTM,DIN, BS, IP, BP, USP, ISO, AOAC, SAE,API and OCMA etc
We provide a full range of
1. Environmental Testing and Monitoring
2. Industrial Raw Materials
3. Building Materials and Raw Materials
4. Minerals and Ores
5. Plastics, Polymers and Resins
6. Adhesives
7. Agro Products Fertilizers and Pesticides
 9. Organic and Inorganic chemicals
10. Drilling Chemicals and Drilling Fluids
11. Abrasive Materials
12. Petroleum products Fuels, Oils and Coolants
13. Metals and Alloys and Metallic coatings
15. Air Quality Monitoring
16. Water and Noise
17. Fire Retardancy and Moisture Resistance
18. Packaging Materials
21. Rubbers and Plastics
22. Physical and Mechanical Testing
24. Corrosion testing
Our Functions Include
· Material Testing
· Product research and Failure analysis
· Inspection and Quality Assurance Services
· Positive material Identification
· Product evaluation sourcing and Consulting
· Environmental Consulting and testing
· Testing Machines and Equipment
· Complete incoming Raw material testing for Industries
· ISO 9001:2000
· ISO /ISE 17025
· Various State Pollution Boards
· Export Houses
Customers and Industries
The wide range of our testing and inspection facilities ensure our presence
as the most reputed Laboratory in the all industries our customers range
from Large government organizations, Public sector undertakings and
Private company’s large, medium and small
Social Responsibility
As a part of our social obligation we offer services to NGOs and charitable
Organizations, Child care and Educational Institutes to ensure a better,
Greener, Cleaner and a healthier future