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Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited has 8 Fully owned Manufacturing Facilities Spread Across India with additional Stocking and Distribution Facilities GDFCL is by far the largest Drilling fluids manufacturing company in the region

Each Of Our Manufacturing Facilities are ISO 9001 Certified and Manintining the Highest Internation HSE Standards . Fully automated Facilities from Incoming Raw materials to the export of Goods each operation is performed in our own premises making us most efficient and Cost Effective in our operations and also ensuring the shortest delivery lead times for our customers

GDFCL manufacturing facilities are equipped with Pilot Plants, Multiple Productsion Lines  for smaller lots to Jumbo lots ensuring that each customer product is specially formulated keeping in mind the customers stringent requirements and special needs in the shortest lead times

The company’s Manufacturing facilities include High capacity variable Speed Blenders, Stainless Steel reactors, a Range of Driers, Specialty Blenders, Pulverizers, Grinders, Autoclaves, and Condensers. This coupled with our adequate raw material storage tanks and other ancillary Material handling Equipments Ensure shorter lead-times and consistent Quality.

Packaging: Fully Automated Bagging machines and Liquid Dispensers overhead Canes and forklifts, and Container Loading bays help us offer customers a variety of Customized packaging solutions. We ensure that all customer Products are packaged as per requirement and adequate packaging is provided not only to be delivered to the customer warehouse but also to withstand the demanding Site Conditions and long storage times

We Delivery Everywhere: Highly Trained Logistic Staff ensures that the goods are shipped on time and in the fastest possible way. GDFCL prides itself in Successfully Executing orders from a Few Metric Tonnes to Thousands of Metric tons on time and without Damage or Delays. Our products are delivered without Delay to the remotest Corners of the Globe.

At times on Customer Requests for Projects we set and Run Complete Stocking Facilities for all Drilling fluids and related chemicals for our customers. Also project Laboratories at set up at rig sites for the Duration of the projects