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Global Drilling Fluids and chemicals limited besides the manufacturing and Contract manufacturing  of Specialty Drilling Fluids and Mud chemicals for its customers has also been awarded contracts by varous Mud Service companes and Drilling Fluid Service Providers for the complete contacts for the Supply ,Stocking and testing of the Complete range of Chemicals required for Projects .

GDFCL due to its expertise in Manufacturing of Drilling Fluids, Back up Support of our R&D Center and testing Facility and Experienced Engineers has helped Reduce upto 30% Costs of Drilling Mud Service Companies

The Scope of Our Services Include

  • Testing and approving of Drilling Fluids and Mud Chemicals
  • Maintaining and Storing of all required Chemicals for the Projects
  • Ensuring On time Deliveries to Drilling Rig Sites
  • Waste Disposal of Unused Drilling Fluids
  • Maintaining a Fully functional Mud Lab and chemists 24x 7  to test incomming chemicals and Mud Formulations

Global Drilling Fluids and chemicals has Executed complete Mud Supply contracts Sucessfully in over Six Countries in 2 Continents

For Further Information Please email us at sales@globaldrilling.in