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Modified Portable Mud Lab for Drilling Sites
Today’s highly Competitive Drilling Environment requires the highest accuracy and time is of essence. Global Drilling fluids and chemicals Limited Provides the most Sophisticated and user Friendly “GLOBAL INSTA LABS” for drilling fluids Analysis and Environmental Analytical and chemical testing. The labs are designed to be fully portable and can be moves from Site to site in the shortest duration by trailers and Provide a Safe and reliable Working Environment for the demanding Testing in the most Rugged and Demanding Drilling sites
Customized Designs of the Skid Mounted Portable Laboratories means reduced Downtime and no more waiting for Lab test results providing Quicker Turnaround time and higher utilization of resources and accuracy.
Our Portable Mud Labs are Designed with Close Attention to detail as they are designed keeping in Mind the Testing personnel’s Every need and Several advanced Features are added to Ensure optimal Working Environment. Counter and Storage space is Plentiful and adequate Power Points are provided keeping in Mind the minutest Details .Our “GLOBAL INSTA LAB” Units Come with a wide Variety of Features customized to suit every need .
  • Robust construction for easy movement and friendly handling.
  • Completely temperature controlled and fully insulated to perform in the most Harsh Conditions
  • Self Sufficient and Independent with High Safety Electricals and Compressors and Water Sinks stabilizers etc
  • Designed to provide ample Desk and Shelf Space and Storage space
  • Complete with Mud testing Equipments, Glass ware and Chemical reagents as per API Standards
  • Ready to use on Delivery as only the supply lines need to be connected  
 Backed with an On Site service Warranty, Calibration at all times.
  • Designed for Comfort and User Friendly
  • Qualified Chemists are also provided on request to provide initial startup and training.
Today Our GLOBAL INSTA LAB Units are not only used by the Drilling service providers but also most manufacturers prefer to Use our Portable Laboratories as compared to Constructing their own. Ofcourse Our Units come with the Unconditional Warranty of the Highly Trained Staff of Global Drilling fluids and Chemicals Limited.