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“To be the single source and total solution Provider of Drilling  Fluids and Mud chemicals for the Oil drilling and Exploration and Mining  Industry. Ensuring the development, manufacture and supply of the highest Quality and most environmentally friendly chemicals. To be the bench mark for Quality, Reliability and ensure timely deliveries world wide “
Global Drilling Fluids and ChemicalsLimited is the Single Largest Manufacturer of Specialty Drilling Fluids and Mud Chemicals For Oilfield and Mining Applicationsbased out of India . Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Limited went into commercial production in 1990.Corporate Offices are Located in New Delhi NCR and Eight Independent Manufacturing Units located in various Parts of the Country and Two State of the Art R&D and testing Facilities makes us one of the most Diverse Manufacturer of Specialty Drilling Fluids and Mud Chemicals worldwide.We deal in oil drilling fluids, oil drilling chemicals, drilling chemical, mud chemical, oilfield chemical and drilling fluid as largest manufacturer and supplier in India.
The Company’s product and Services Include:
  • Drilling Fluids and Specialty Chemicals for Oilfield and Mining applications
  • Mud Chemicals and workover/completion fluid 
  • Chemicals for well stimulation. Production chemicals and general utility chemicals. 
  • Testing Services for Drilling and Other Chemicals, Oils and Fuels 
  • Onsite Testing Facilities and Environmental testing 
  • Manufacture Supply and Commissioning of Complete Mud Services Laboratories 
  • Rental and Sales of Filtration Units and Portable Mud Laboratories 
  • Mud Filtration and Waste Management Services
Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited presently have  8 Manufacturing Units Each Strategically Located close to the Raw material Sources or the chemical Hubs of India and close to the Ports giving a logistical advantage of being in close proximity to the main sources of raw materials and actual user location. Each manufacturing Unit comprises of a fully mechanized Manufacturing Unit equipped with adequate material handling and storage Facilities, Testing Center and are ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturing Products to the Highest Quality and Safety Standards
The Company’s manufacturing facilities have been set up in an area of approximately 95,000 Sq. meters and growing rapidly. The Company has a fully automated manufacturing facility consisting of high capacity blenders, low pressure & high pressure reactors, special and specific application versatile blenders for heating and mixing and special application liquid blenders, these coupled with auxiliary and ancillary equipments makes the manufacturing facility fully automated and versatile ensuring the fastest delivery times for its products. The Company is also manufacturing range of proprietary products for oil major’s worldwide. These products are manufactured strictly adhering to customer’s specifications and under exclusive contracts with them.
Customized Products to meet the exact requirement of Clients with the least possible Environmental Impact are also manufactured, packed in customized Packing and Delivered for our clients
Global Drilling Fluids and chemicals Limited has most modern material handling equipment including pneumatic conveying of the input materials and finished products, i.e. Automatic Bagging Machines (valve type and open mouth type), Bucket Elevators, Forklifts, Overhead Crane and appropriate container loading platform and equipment. Further for the purposes of appropriate reactions and polymerization of sophisticated chemicals there is provision of thermic fluid heating systems to facilitate higher temperature heating where necessary. For drying of the products where necessary is undertaken by specially designed and modern Rotary Dryer and Hot Air Generators are provided for heating and drying.
The highest standards of Health and Safety and Effluent Discharge Norms are followed at each of our manufacturing Locations as per our HSE Policy and Local Regulations  


Research and Development and Technology
Technology for each of Our Products has been developed in-house indigenously for manufacturing such oil drilling chemicals and Drilling Fluids meeting the acceptable international standards.
The Company Boasts of its state of the art R&D centre. The R&D centre and the Testing Laboratory has available the latest and the most sophisticated equipments and instruments ensuring the most stringent, fastest and the most reliable testing of our products. In addition to this it ensures that customized products as required by our esteemed customers are developed in the shortest possible time span. The Laboratory facilities also consist of Pilot plants such as reactors and Blenders and kettles and Autoclaves ensuring that a customized product is not only manufactured in the fastest time but also at the lowest developmental cost.
We also offer a range of testing facilities to our customers ensuring that the products they buy from us and elsewhere are of the quality as required by them .Our Testing services have the ability to analyze the chemicals involved in the processing for active character and contamination, compatibility with water for varied physical conditions, Assessment of corrosion and other important process stimulations.
Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Limited is dedicated to supplying to the Oil and Gas Industry at competitive pricing up to the highest quality standards. GDFCL’s product line is backed by highly experienced Technical Service Engineers and Research and Development Scientists. The Chemists are continuously striving to develop new products and to improve present ones and to find solutions to varying location area working. GDFCL’s staff is experienced at training laboratory Technicians and Field Engineers in the use of the products. We have the expertise in environmental and safety training for our product range.
Environmental Responsibility
Our manufacturing facilities, Products and the Environmental services ensure not only that the products manufactured by us are manufactured using the best practices but are also most environmentally friendly. GDFCL also offers a host of environmental services such as Air, water Effluent Monitoring services to ensure a better, Cleaner and Greener Future 
GLOBAL LABS is the Testing and Inspection division of Global Drilling Fluids and chemicals Limited. GLOBAL LABS commercialized operations in 2001 is the leading testing facility for physical, Analytical and performance testing of Drilling Fluids and Chemicals used in the Oil and gas exploration, Drilling and Upstream and downstream testing. Today is functions as a reputed Independent test house for The Oil and Gas Sector and is approved by the Government of India and many of the Leading Mud Service companies for their Sourcing Offices
Covering an area of 10,000 Sq Ft GLOBAL LABS is one of the most modern and Accurate testing Facilities for Drilling Fluids, Chemicals, Metals, Fuels and Other related Products and Raw Materials.
Today we boast of a State of the art laboratory facilities for various Environmental testing’s, analytical testing’s which include both chemical and mechanical analysis and On site and off site Inspections .Our Industrial Customers range from Government Bodies, , Chemical Industries Sector, Drilling Service Providers and Mud Service companies and Ofcourse Our customers for our Manufactured Drilling Fluids and Mud chemicals
Working with a qualified team of dedicated personnel ensuring total commitment to customer satisfaction and continual improvement. We work Round the Clock to ensure that you don’t only get accurate test results but also in the quickest possible time. The testing services provided are in accordance to National and International specifications including BIS, ASTM,DIN, BS, IP, BP, USP, ISO, AOAC, SAE,API and OCMA etc
 GLOBAL INSTA LABS are Fully Portable and Equipped on site Mud Laboratories customized to work in the most Rugged Environmental Conditions.
The labs are designed to be fully portable and can be moves from Site to site in the shortest duration by trailers and Provide a Safe and reliable Working Environment Customized Designs of the Skid Mounted Portable Laboratories means reduced Downtime and no more waiting for Lab test results providing Quicker Turnaround time and higher utilization of resources and accuracy.
Sales and Distribution
Since a Humble Beginning in 1993 GDFCL today manufactures over 30,000 MT of Specialty Synthesized Drilling fluids for all applications in Addition to its manufacture of natural Materials Like Barite, Bentonite , Calcium Carbonates Etc
Being the preferred Supplier to Most State owned Drilling Giants to the World’s Leading Mud Service and Drilling Service companies and numerous traders and Stockiest, Our Products reach over 35 Countries in all 5 Continents. All such customers continue to regularly procure their bulk requirements from the company. This by itself proves Company’s credentials and appropriate material, timely supply schedules and the confidence the Company has built in its clientele during the short period. The Company continues to widen its range of clientele in various Oil Drilling countries in the world.
Complete Supply solutions are really what the Sales and Marketing Department of the company truly believes in. We ensure that all your Drilling Chemicals Related Requirements are delivered on Site at the remotest Corner of the globe on time every time. We take complete Drilling Fluid Supply contracts where the full range of Chemicals is stocked on Site for the Complete Project including the manufacture, Delivery, Storage and testing of your products on Site through our Network of Customers and Authorized resellers.
GDFCL’s wide product range, strong R&D, and customized solutions for all our products have ensured that company continues to build relations with all major drilling service providers, National and international government and private drilling companies and trading houses. Our products now find customers in all five continents.
In the past Global Drilling Fluids has Shown Capability to execute contracts ranging from the Supply of Single Drilling fluids to Complete Mud Supply Contracts where all required Drilling fluid Materials are stocked at the drilling site and Complete Mud Management is done by our company .Completely Portable GLOBAL INSTA LABS have also been provided where required In addition GLOBAL LABS have undertaken Complete Environmental assessment and Quality Assurance Projects for various Drilling Service companies .
Our Customers are Our Most valuable asset is our Philosophy and to have each customer have us as their only vendor for the Supply of Drilling chemicals is our goal.
 We are ISO 9001:2008 Company Our Company is registered and Approved with various drilling company’s world wide .Group testing and R&D facilities are recognized by organizations such as NABL and DSIR. We have been awarded multiple times as For Excellence and Leadership in Oilfield and Mining chemicals by the most reorganized Organizations in the Industry
Though our biggest source of Recognition comes more from each of Our customers placing repeat orders on us time and again and the growth of Our customers is what inspires us to achieve Customer Delight every time .
Please refer Our Quality Manuals, Product Lists, and Certifications for Further information about Our Company and the Products and Services Offered by us.