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Cloud Point Glycol


Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals at its manufacturing facility in halol , Gujarat and its Facility in Faridabad , Haryana . manufactures the Full range of Cloud Point Glycols Usaed as Shale Stabilizers for Drilling applications .

the Cloud Point of the Glycols can Be Adjusted as per the requirements of the customer Broadly GDFCL manufactures 4 Types:



GLO CP GLYCOL EHC Extra High Cloud Point Glycol
GLO CP GLYCOL HC  High  Cloud Point Glycol
GLO CP GLYCOL MC Medium Cloud Point Glycol
GLO CP GLYCOL LC Low Cloud Point Glycol


With Storage capacities of over 60,000 Liters and large Manufacturing Facilities GDFCL is one of the Lowest Cost Producers of Cloud Point Glycols.