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Drilling Mud Defoamer

Global Drilling Fluids and chemicals is the leading Manufacturer of Specialty Drilling Mud Defoamer.
The Drilling Mud Defoamer manufactured by Global Drilling Fluids and Chemical Limited are sold in over 30 Countries worldwide.It is a versatile oilfield defoamer capable of effectively removing entrapped air from all types of mud system. It is effective at different PH of water base muds and high temperature areas.

Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Stands Guarantee of Performance of all Products manufactured at our Manufacturing Facilities.

Our range of Products Includes : 

GLO DEFOAM 1000  Alchohol Based Defoamer
GLO DEFOAM 4000 Silicone Base Defoamer
GLO DEFOAM 5000 Polyglycol Defoamer
GLO DEFOAM 3000 Stearate Based Defoamer
GLO DEFOAM 6000 Aluminium Stearate Deformer

For more Information about our Range of Drilling Mud Defoamer and Product Data Sheets please email us at Sales@globaldrilling.in