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Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited

Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited has 2 Manufacturing Facilities for the Manufacture of a wide range of Drilling Dispersants and Defloculants  in the state of Haryana and Gujarat.

Our range of Thinners are specially formulated chemically modified compounds of lignite or lignin and Polymers  to control rheology and fluid loss, extends temperature limits, emulsifies oil, reduces flocculation and stabilizes water base drilling fluids. It finds application in fresh water and sea water systems. It provides a thin, thick wall cake accompanied with low fluid loss . GDFCL manufactures the Complete range of Chrome-Free Lignites Lignosulfonates and Polymers.

GLO DEFLOC 1000  Polymeric Defloculant Liquid
GLO DEFLOC 2000 Polymeric Defloculant Powder
GLO LIG 1000 Lignite Powder
GLO CLZ 1000 Causticized Lignite
GLO KLIG 1000 Potassium Lignite
GLO K-CLZ 1000 Causticized Potassium Lignite
GLO CFLS 1000 Chrome Free Lignosulfonate
GLO FCLS 1000 Ferro Chrome Lignosulfonate
GLO CLS 1000 Chrome Lignosulfonate
GLO IRLS 1000  Iron Lignosulfonate 

Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals is the Largest Producer of Lignite based Dispersants for the Oilfield sector . Most of the Lignite based Mud Chemicals are produced at our state of the art Manufacturing Facility in Halol , Gujarat , India .

Polymer Based Defloculants and Dispersants are Produced by us at our facility in Faridabad , Haryana Our Products are packaged in 25 Kg sacks /50 Lb sacks or 1.0 Mt Jumbo bags , the Liquid Polymeric Dispersants are packed in 5 Gal and 55 Gal Drums and also can be supplied in 1000 Liter ISO tanks . Customized packaging options as per customer requirements are also available

For more Information about our Dispersants and Defloculants and Product data sheets please do email us at sales@globaldrilling.in